Studio Visits

Imaginaries of the Future studio visits are nurturing and full of potentialities. These studio visits are possible thanks to the generosity of all involved!

Studio visit: ZZ Krebs and Holly Jerger, September 2022.
Studio visit: Matt Hollis and Ciara Ennis, September 2022.
Studio visit: Gwenessa Lam and Patricia Eunji Kim, September 2022.
Studio visit: Hope Okere and Cassandra Coblentz, August 2022.
Studio visit: TJ Shin and Audrey Min, August 2022.
Studio visit: Phillip Byrne and Kang Seung Lee, August 2022.
Studio visit with Andre Keichian and Phillip Byrne, August 2022. Andre Keichian, Young Chung, Beatriz Cortez, rafa esparza, Douglas Carranza, Phillip Byrne, Tatiana Guerrero, and Ricardo Urrutia.
Studio visit: Kelley O’Leary and Hans Baumann, August, 2022.